Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dr Seus Day

I was going through my photos organizing and deleting them.   I saw this and thought for a minute what is this picture all about.   When I remembered I decided I better hurry and blog about it or I would totally forget and eventually it would get tossed with the rest of the photos that have lost their memory.   
This was my children's choice of costume for Dr Seuss day!  In the past we have has some great costumes but this year Dr Seuss day was pretty normal at our house.   When, I asked Kaci she wanted to be Sally. ? who is Sally but sure enough there is a Dr Seuss Character named Sally and she is stressed like Kaci.    Jake said, on Horton Hears a Who, he tells you to be yourself so that's what I'm doing!"   How could I argue with that I just wish I would have made a sign for him to wear that quoted that.  I suppose even if I would have made the sign he probably wouldn't have wore it. 

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